Sighted Sports Equipment

Tuaco Opticians supplies a range of sighted sport and swimming goggles by Centrostyle and Swimmi, which offer athletes an innovative and functional solution for improving their performance as well as their visual well-being in any condition.

Get in the game with your glasses

For those who do team sports and are subject to frequent and rapid movements, we recommend anti-shock protective equipment.

CentroStyle sports protection frames comply with the European Directive 89/686/CEE and with the European Standard EN: 166:2001. They can be glazed with power lenses up to +/- 4 dioptres. Design and comfort are combined with functionality through a ventilation system and an anti-fog treatment of the lenses that reduces the fogging process.

Clear vision under water

Swimming goggles and diving masks protect the eyes from chlorine or saltwater and use power lenses for a clearer vision. The soft silicone material and adjustable elastic band make them extremely comfortable to wear and do not impact performance.

Our Swimmi goggles are equipped with polycarbonate tempered lenses with anti-fog treatment and UV protection. They are available in regular sizes for adults and junior sizes for children.