Eyeglass Frames

At Tuaco Opticians we stock thousands of frames from the top brands in the world.

Our opticians will gladly advise you on choosing the eyeglass frame that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Some the factors which your optician can advise you about when choosing a new eyeglass frame include: the variety of colours and styles available, different brands in stock, durability and the type of material used. They also make sure that the frame you choose is correctly fitted to ensure best results.

In fact, the type of frame material is the most important characteristic to look out for, since a frame’s durability, lightness, and price all depend on it.

There are different frame materials available, each with their unique strengths and drawbacks to consider.

Plastic frames

There are dozens of different plastic materials for eyeglasses frames, which are very cost-effective, widely available and come in a wide range of looks that make it easier to personalise your choice of frame according to your style and interests.

Cellulose acetate (also known as zyl) is the most common material plastic frames are made of. It allows for a practically infinite range of customisability, with a vast range of shades and colours.

Nylon is also a popular choice for plastic frames, especially when blended with other materials. Nylon is particularly common in sports and performance eyewear, where flexibility and the ability to withstand fluctuations in temperature are important.

Plastic frames are lightweight, hypoallergenic and cheaper than most other materials. However, they also tend to break more easily and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause them to become more brittle and the colours to fade.

Metal frames

Metal frames also come in a wide variety of materials, for example: beryllium, aluminium and stainless steel.

Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, though common characteristics of metal frames include: that they’re generally more durable than plastic, so they’ll break less easily; they’re also lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Other qualities of metal frames differ greatly from one material to another.

Whilst beryllium and aluminium frames can cause irritation to sensitive skins, stainless steel is hypoallergenic. Beryllium is flexible, so opticians can adapt a frame to the wearer, but stainless steel and aluminium frames are rigid.

Finally, metal frames are very different cost-wise, so it’s important to compare different types of metal frames, and they come in a far more restricted variety of colours, patterns and textures compared to plastic frames.

Titanium frames

Titanium is a popular material for eyeglass frames. Though it is a type of metal frame, it deserves to be considered separately due to the peculiar combination of benefits it offers.

One of the most important features of titanium eyewear is the fact that it can be worn even by people with very sensitive skin since it’s a hypoallergenic material which poses virtually no risk of irritation.

Moreover, titanium is incredibly flexible, so eyeglass frames made from it can be manufactured in a wide variety of colours with a clean, contemporary look that’s suitable for professional as well as casual environments.

Other advantages of titanium are the fact that it’s lightweight, durable, strong and highly resistant to corrosion. Some titanium frames are actually alloys, which combine titanium with another metal, making them a more affordable alternative to 100% titanium frames.

Our branded frames

With a wide variety of materials available at Tuaco Opticians, including plastic, metal and titanium frames, and different styles and colours to choose from, everybody can find their ideal frame in our collection.

  • Action Man - Action Man optical frames are designed to endure the busy and demanding day of a child's life.
  • Afeyewear - Eyeglass frames inspired by and designed for the military, law enforcement, police officers, firefighters and EMS.
  • Arnette - Built on a foundation of promoting self-expression, Arnette eyewear consists of fashion-forward styles that not only enhance your vision, but complement your personal style as well. Handcrafted from rich acetate, with features such as flexible spring hinges designed to increase comfort and fit, these optical frames are built to meet the highest standards of form and function.
  • Barbie - Choose from our ultra-fashionable and cool collection of Barbie eyeglasses, designed for fashion conscious youngsters who want to keep themselves updated with the modern trends.
  • Burberry - Mixing style and tradition, Burberry optical frames come in their signature look and iconic check design.
  • Caractère - Eyewear comes into its own in the Caractère wardrobe, which offers a vast selection of fashionable frames that combine innovative research and design solutions in all the forms and materials used.
  • Chanel - Discover the iconic luxury brand's designer eyewear collection that feature the same exclusive elegance of Chanel fashion codes as their ready-to-wear collection on the catwalks: chain, bow, quilting, tweed or pearls.
  • Dolce & Gabbana - Tuaco Opticians stocks Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses collections for men and women.
  • DKNY - Designer eyewear from DKNY featuring unisex, plastic and metal aviator frames.
  • Emporio Armani - Elegant and refined, Emporio Armani gives you a blended style of tradition and modern innovation.
  • Enrico Coveri - Inspired by bright colours, exuberant fantasy designs, and a taste for eccentricity and enjoyment. Enrico Coveri eyewear flaunt the vivacity of the constructive lines informed by continuous ornamental research.
  • Killer Loop Eyewear - Innovation and passion have consistently characterized the Killer Loop brand since 1989. Technological innovation, a quest for knowledge and a desire to break new ground.
  • Hotwheels - Hot Wheels eyeglasses are built to last longer, with polycarbonate lenses and durable, richly-styled acetate and alloys. Their exclusive design allows the frame to fit children’s faces better and more comfortably.
  • Oakley - Oakley makes unrivalled prescription frames and lenses, and not just for professional athletes, but for all those who seek innovative technology and original style.
  • Persol - Persol is an Italian luxury eyewear company which offers an eyeglass collection that is crafted to combine the highest quality materials and style.
  • Prada Eyewear - Prada eyewear are the perfect fit for people who appreciate the blending of modern technology and contemporary design. Distinctive not only for the brand's high quality standards, but for its forward-thinking approach to style, Prada's design aesthetics bring contemporary luxury to people of strong character and unique style.
  • Ralph Lauren - Ralph Lauren offers luxury men's and women's eyeglass frames that blend romantic elegance with a timeless style.
  • Ray Ban - Ray-Ban is the global leader in premium eyewear market and by far the best-selling eyewear brand in the world.
  • Ray Ban Junior - Ray-Ban Junior offer a range of eyeglasses for kids, including frames modelled after the iconic Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster.
  • Superbike World Championship - SWC provides branded, technologically advanced sports performance eyewear at cost-effective prices.
  • Tom Tailor - The Tom Tailor product portfolio includes an extensive range of eyewear and accessories with a mix of classic or up-to-date casual looks.
  • Versace - The world-renowned Versace brand represents outstanding design and flawless manufacturing.
  • Vogue Eyewear - Vogue Eyewear stands out for its unique details, variety of colours and frames, turning everyday glasses into a hot fashion accessory.

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